Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Birth Labor Pains

June 2, 2008 in the morning, my full-term pregnant daughter Am-am, went out to do her walking exercise with my husband Arthur. When they came home, I noticed a stain on my daughter's clothes and I told her that I think she is starting to have her labor. When she checked herself in the comfortroom, indeed, she is already having slight discharges. Yepey! our baby is coming out anytime soon!

At around eleven thirty in the morning, my daughter went to see her OB and she was informed that she will have her full labor anytime sooner or later. After the doctor's visit, we lunched-out together and went home.

When I came back from work at around 6 o'clock that evening, my daughter informed me that she is starting to feel labor pains. After dinner, we went to the Ramiro Community Hospital to check in. We already reserved a room earlier.

My daughter went in to the labor room and the resident doctor conducted an IE on her and its only "2 cm" yet. Hours later, Am-am continued to feel the labor pains, with its interval getting closer. She continued feeling this way until 5 o'clock in the morning of June 3, 2008. The resident doctor did an IE on her again, but the opening did not improve much, which was only 3 cm. My mother-in-law, my sister and me, took turns in keeping watch of Am-am in the pre-labor room. I took over watching her starting at 2:30 in the morning.

At 5:30 that morning, her OB decided to do the Ceasarian Section on her instead. Am-am has been in labor for twelve hours already and it will not be good for her and Babam (the baby) anymore if the labor will be prolonged. Am-am was then being prepared for the operation a few minutes later.

I was all the time with Am-am during the last 3 hours of her labor and I was also fortunate to be allowed by her OB to go inside the operating room to witness the actual arrival of my girl - Babam.

The OR nurse let me wear those green scrubs and let me in the theater. I wasn't scared. I was excited. My sister, as Babam's pediatrician was also inside. We we're equally excited for the coming out of Babam. SALE ! SALE !