Saturday, March 28, 2009


My Girl's milestones are quite amazing (at least for us). I think it is just verynormal for a first-time grandmother like me to be amazed with whatever milestone a baby would achieve.

I already forgot how early or how late my own three kids had their own baby milestones, compared to My Girl's. However, many (specially her pediatrician) would say that My Girl's developments mostly came early. Much too early than what other babies of her own age would normally have.

Pincer Grasp

According to it is the grasping an object between the thumb and forefinger. The ability to perform this task is a milestone of fine motor development in infants, usually occurring from 9 to 12 months of age.

However, for My Girl, it was noticed by her pediatrician that she can already do this at the age of 3 months. One time, her pediatrician, gave her a small card and My Girl accepted the card with a Pincer Grasp. After she took the card, she transferred the it to her other hand, in the same manner.

I don't know anything about Pincer Grasp. My Girl's pediatrician told me that this action is usually done by most babies at 9 months already but My Girl is already doing this much earlier.


According to, the average age for getting their first baby tooth is 6 months, some infants don't get their first tooth until they are 14 or 15 months old. Others can begin teething and get an early baby tooth at 3 months.

In My Girl's case, her first tooth came out when she was 5 months old. We never noticed that she was already teething until her nanny was surprised when My Girl suddenly grabbed her hand and bit it. Her nanny felt something hard in the bite so she checked My Girl's mouth and there it was.. the little white thing showing! Her middle lower front tooth first came out. The second one followed a week or two later. Her uppper teeth came out when she was around 8 months old. Now that she is 9 months old, she already got 6 teeth!


In, "On average a child will begin walking at age of 12 or 14 months but considerable differences are likely. Some children begin walking much earlier and some as late as 21 months."

One time when My Girl was 7 months and 6 days old, we were at clinic of her pediatrician for one of her shots. I told her that My Girl can already stand straight and lean on a wall. So, her doctor let her stand on the examination bed, leaning on the wall. Indeed My Girl was standing up. Then, her doctor extended her arms and we were all surprised because My Girl moved from her standing position and stepped forward! Her pediatrician declared that it was her "official first step".

Since that incident, My Girl has been confidently leaning on a wall or anything that can support her and do sort of jumping motion.

One day, when we all came home from work, My Girl's nanny revealed a surprising news - My Girl made 3 steps by herself! The nanny was surprised when she put My Girl on leaning mode and suddenly, she made three steps by herself. This milestone happened when My Girl was only 9 months and 10 days old.

She is now 9 months and 25 days, and My Girl can already stand up straight (without any support) for almost a minute, she loves cruising, leaning on furnitures, beds, cabinets, etc.. and she loves to make independent unsupported steps. She made 6 steps tonight.

more milestones update coming up soon..... SALE ! SALE !