Friday, February 25, 2011

My Girl Goes to School

June 8, 2011 - At barely 2 years and 5 days old, My Girl went to school for the first time. She was so excited. Mamita was so proud and happy to My Girl go to the school that she helped set-up - the Victoriano D. Tirol Advanced Learning Center.

My Girl easily fit in and felt so at ease with the crayons and blocks

She is the youngest and the smallest in the Toddlers' Class, with 14 other kids.

She didn't cry at school on her first day. And on the second day and on the succeeding days, when it's time for her to go to school, she is always excited.

She loves all the activities in her class. Amazingly at her very young age, she can hold the writing instruments well and properly already.

February 26, 2011 - Until now, My Girl still goes to school regularly and excitedly. Her teacher is also happy that My Girl didn't stop going to school considering that she is still very young. Teacher Nena is so impressed with My Girl's outstanding performances in the class. My Girl even gets perfect scores in test without much effort on her. Everytime she comes home from school, she has STARS.

We are so proud of you My Girl!

Turned Two

Last June 3, 2010, My Girl turned two. It was a very busy day for us and everybody was excited specially My Girl.In the morning, she was already at the venue, as if she was inspecting the things going on. The party's theme was Mickey & Minnie Mouse.

Her Daddy was so busy driving to and from the house to the venue, hauling things for the party. Mommy was not around this time because she was at California, USA then.

While My Girl was at home napping to get ready for the afternoon's party, her Daddy, me, uncles, aunties, and staff were so busy finishing the decoration at the venue. Everybody was happy with the result of the efforts.

The Entrance

The Stage

It was already four o'clock in the afternoon and guests were starting to arrive. Mamita has to hurry and drive home to pick up My Girl at the house.

However, My Girl refused to wear the Minnie Mouse dress Mamita and the other dresses bought from the US for her to wear for the party. My Girl insisted on wearing her Minnie Mouse printed shirt and her red True Religion pants. Well, it was her day so, hew wish was our command.

Friends and family came to the party, which was prepared for 300 adults and 120 kids.

My Girl was looking lonely at the beginning for she might have felt the absence of her Mommy. But later on when the program started and the kids were up and jolly on the stage, My Girl also joined them and had fun.

Daddy was with her all the time though. So busy entertaining the guests and attending to My Girl's needs. Mamita was there too and of course everybody who loves My Girl was there to celebrate with her.

The kids had fun with the games and the many give-aways.


The Cake

Everybody was teary-eyed when they saw the video presentation prepared (and sent through the Internet) by her Mommy. My Girl pointed at the screen and shouted "Mommy!"

We are so thankful to the Lord for My Girl. May the Lord bless her with good health, happiness and always be a blessing to everyone.

Happy 2nd Birthday My Girl! We love you so much!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Girl loves bags

I discovered that My Girl got interest in bags when one time we were in the mall and she would grab my purse and carry it like she's a lady already. She was then only 1 year. and 4 mons. old. I find it amusing.

Then, on January, 2010, at my father's farewell party, she was wearing this Hello Kitty bag (which was given to her by her Ninong Ian and Tita Candice) and she carries it with ease and doesn't part with it. She was then 1 year and 7 mons. old.

Since then, I started looking for cute bags in the Internet and found this very cute Louis Vuitton mini sac (the smallest of LV speedy line)and finally was able to purchase one from Japan. Had the bag shipped to Tagbilaran City, Bohol and it arrived on Feb. 17, 2010.

I let My Girl opened the box herself and when she saw what's inside, she said "wow! nice bag!" and since then, she enjoys wearing her LV almost everywhere she goes. A lot of people who sees her walking around wearing her LV bag really get amused of her.One time, My Girl was with me at Ayala Shopping Mall in Cebu and there was this group of ladies at Starbucks who were looking at My Girl from a distance and when My Girl was already near them, they were saying, "oh, how cute the little girl, carrying an real LV".

After her LV, I bought her a Dooney & Bourke, a Juicy Couture and a red Prada. Her favorites are the first two though.

Some would say I am an OA grandma, but I just enjoy watching My Girl appreciate fine things.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Shopping for My Girl

I'm sure I am just a typical normal grandma, who loves to shop for her girl.And I am sure, every grandma will agree with me.

Lately, My Girl's mom has been warning me to slow-down on shopping for My Girl because her closet is already full. Sometimes, I heed to her warning, and sometimes I don't. My own mom and my sister keep on telling me that I am already spoiling My Girl. But I told them that I am not spoiling her because she is not asking for these, I am willingly and lovingly buying all these for her.

One of the latest items I bought for her is this very cute Ralph Lauren outfit which she first wore to the Honoring Party of my father, at the Panglao Island Nature Resort last January 22, 2010.

This brand new RL piece normally costs about more than $50 but I got this at a steal price thru eBay.

My favorite brands for My Girl's clothes are: Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Carter's , Old Navy, Baby Gap, Osh Kosh, Levi's, Baby Guess, Esprit, First Impressions, Ed Hardy, Izod,Roxy and Baby Phat. I buy almost all her clothes on-line through favorite shops online.

Again, my mom and my sister would remind me that I might be doing too much for My Girl for making her get used to wearing all-branded clothes. Well, to my defense, I think I am just teaching My Girl - good taste. haha!

How is shopping done?

I am fond of browsing for baby clothes and when I find a good deal, I pay them using a debit card or through PayPal. I am not afraid of spending too much for I set a budget like, I fund my debit card with the amount I only want to spend.

Once the item has already been paid, it is shipped to an assigned US address. Usually, an earlier arrangement with the person to whom the item will be shipped to has already been set. And this person (who then becomes the courier) is usually a close friend or relative who is coming home to Bohol sooner.

It's always exciting every time a "courier" arrives from the US because for sure there are stuffs for My Girl. One time, a friend from San Francisco, CA brought in 18 pieces of clothes for My Girl (wow exciting). Others came in with 10, 8, 5,3, and so on...

This is just another expression of mine as to how much I love My Girl. I love shopping for her.

I know that many other grandmas out there even shop and spend more than I do for their our girls too.

Happy shopping grandmas!

My Girl in green Izod outfit and in all-pink Ralph Lauren dress and shoes.


I have noticed that it has been almost a year ago since I posted my last entry here. Perhaps I have been busy with so many things, but for sure, I was also having a busy but enjoyable times with My Girl.

How is she now? Well, she has become even more adorable. Last February 3, 2010, she turned 20 month old. Yes, it's 4 months away and she will be 2 years old already.

The picture above was taken during the family lunch-out at Mang Inasal here in Tagbilaran City to celebrate My Girl's 20th month. Later, her daddy brought a pretty cake for her.

What's up with My Girl?

Teeth - She got 20 of them now. Too early to have these much teeth eh?

Hair - We are so enjoying because we can already piggy-tail her hair and sometimes, I do little braids. This afternoon, I trimmed her bangs again. The color of her hair is getting lighter.

Appetite - I thought she was "small for her age" so I consulted my sister who is a pediatrician. She ordered for My Girl to take additional vitamins, and have another supplement formula: Nutren Junior, which she alternatively drinks with her NAN 3w.

She do eats more now. And still the same, she insists on feeding herself using fork. For her formula, she drinks them all up now.

Words spoken - We lost track of the number of words she can speak so clearly and consistently. She already has many expressions. Her favorites are "oh, uh" or " oh, no!" when she drops or something goes wrong. She sings "A,B,C,D...." spontaneously, clearly and at the right tunes. She sings a lot of songs too. She sings along with the TV ad of Villar and many other tv ads.

She invents names for us. She calls her granpa - "Papati" (before, she calls him plainly "papa"). She calls her mommy - "mamani" ; her daddy "dada"; her great-grandpa "wowo";her great-granma "lala".

She says the words "no, no" at the right time and when she really doesn't want something or anything.

When she asks for her milk-formula, she tells her yaya "yaya, ava!". Ava is how she calls her milk-bottle Avent. When she was younger, I playfully teach her to read the print of her bottle "Avent" and she would follow me "Ava". And since then, she says "Ava" when she asks for her milk.

She has names for her toys - "mini" for Minnie Mouse; "miki" for Mickey Mouse; "mimi" for our pet goat; "meow-meow" for the cat; "Fee" for the fish; "lisa" for the lizard; "kakots" for cockroach; "sta" for star; "popol" for the color purple; "apol" for apple; "awaw" for dog; and can't remember the other words.. there are just so many.

Motor skills - She started walking very early, at the age 10 mon. old. Now, she runs around; climbs up the stairs at one step each; so good in climbing up chairs and beds; she loves to jump; dance; and chase and poke bubbles.

As early as 18 months old, she already loves to play with her crayons. The walls at her bedroom now has many writing and coloring (all done by her). She loves to color on her coloring books and she loves to draw circles and just scribble anything. She also loves to play "read the book" as if she is actually reading. She plays a lot too.

Recognition - We are so amazed of her skills in recognition. At an earlier age, she can already recognize as to whom does this certain thing belong to. Like, if I am wearing her mommy's slippers, she will tell me " mama, mamani na" (mama, that is mommy's). And she just does this to anybody who is holding or using anything which doesn't belong to him/her. When she finds something that belongs to someone (here in the household), she would get it and bring it to whoever owns it.

Whatever she can do and what she is right now is all God's creation and we thank God for our very sweet Girl. She really brings so much joy to the family.

I love you My Girl.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


My Girl's milestones are quite amazing (at least for us). I think it is just verynormal for a first-time grandmother like me to be amazed with whatever milestone a baby would achieve.

I already forgot how early or how late my own three kids had their own baby milestones, compared to My Girl's. However, many (specially her pediatrician) would say that My Girl's developments mostly came early. Much too early than what other babies of her own age would normally have.

Pincer Grasp

According to it is the grasping an object between the thumb and forefinger. The ability to perform this task is a milestone of fine motor development in infants, usually occurring from 9 to 12 months of age.

However, for My Girl, it was noticed by her pediatrician that she can already do this at the age of 3 months. One time, her pediatrician, gave her a small card and My Girl accepted the card with a Pincer Grasp. After she took the card, she transferred the it to her other hand, in the same manner.

I don't know anything about Pincer Grasp. My Girl's pediatrician told me that this action is usually done by most babies at 9 months already but My Girl is already doing this much earlier.


According to, the average age for getting their first baby tooth is 6 months, some infants don't get their first tooth until they are 14 or 15 months old. Others can begin teething and get an early baby tooth at 3 months.

In My Girl's case, her first tooth came out when she was 5 months old. We never noticed that she was already teething until her nanny was surprised when My Girl suddenly grabbed her hand and bit it. Her nanny felt something hard in the bite so she checked My Girl's mouth and there it was.. the little white thing showing! Her middle lower front tooth first came out. The second one followed a week or two later. Her uppper teeth came out when she was around 8 months old. Now that she is 9 months old, she already got 6 teeth!


In, "On average a child will begin walking at age of 12 or 14 months but considerable differences are likely. Some children begin walking much earlier and some as late as 21 months."

One time when My Girl was 7 months and 6 days old, we were at clinic of her pediatrician for one of her shots. I told her that My Girl can already stand straight and lean on a wall. So, her doctor let her stand on the examination bed, leaning on the wall. Indeed My Girl was standing up. Then, her doctor extended her arms and we were all surprised because My Girl moved from her standing position and stepped forward! Her pediatrician declared that it was her "official first step".

Since that incident, My Girl has been confidently leaning on a wall or anything that can support her and do sort of jumping motion.

One day, when we all came home from work, My Girl's nanny revealed a surprising news - My Girl made 3 steps by herself! The nanny was surprised when she put My Girl on leaning mode and suddenly, she made three steps by herself. This milestone happened when My Girl was only 9 months and 10 days old.

She is now 9 months and 25 days, and My Girl can already stand up straight (without any support) for almost a minute, she loves cruising, leaning on furnitures, beds, cabinets, etc.. and she loves to make independent unsupported steps. She made 6 steps tonight.

more milestones update coming up soon.....

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Monthly Pictorials

From the first "ma-arte pose" photo which I took when she came out from her mommy's tummy, My Girl has been posing comfortably for pictures. She is just like her mom, who herself loved to pose for pictures when she was a little girl.

My Girl is very lucky to have a Ninong who loves to take pictures of her. Her Ninong Bim owns a photography studio - Exquisite Photography, which is the fast becoming popular choice for weddings and events photo/video coverage service provider here in Tagbilaran City, Bohol.

Bim also took the studio pictures of My Girl's mom when she was 8 months pregnant. The pictures are very pretty too..but they are only for private consumption and not be be shown to others.

Here are My Girl's monthly studio pictorial pictures taken at Exquisite Photography studio....

1st month. My Girl is still a little baby here. Her mommy can still carry her with one arm only.

2nd month. Look at her eyes! At 2 months, My Girl can already lie on her tummy and lift her head very well. Here, she is wearing a Ralph Lauren dress, a gift from her mom's friend. The dress was brought in from the US by ninong Baba Yap.

3rd month. I love this picture. My Girl's eyes are so pretty here. She looks like her mom here.In this picture, My Girl is wearing a Baby Guess top bought by Papa Art.

4th month. My Girl is wearing a GAP onesie here. Look at how expressive her eyes are.

5th month.My Girl at this age can already stand, holding on something. Her first tooth appeared on her 5th month. In here, she is wearing a GAP blouse and a Carter's denim jumper.

6th month. It was almost Christmas day when My Girl had her 6th month pictorials. She is wearing a Just One Year - Carter's santa dress here.

More pictorial photos soon...... SALE ! SALE !