Friday, September 5, 2008

My Girl's name


Yes, My Girl has three first names. Many would say her name is too long and she might hava a hard time writting her name when she goes to school. Well, we don't see any problem with that.

Her mommy got three first names too. I choose that names for her, a combination of my mother's, my husband's and my mother-in-law's names. Afterall, my daughter is the first granddaughter of the family.

Many also told me why I gave my daughter a very long name, that she might have a hard time writtting her name. I never get worried about that because I believed that my daughter would grow up to be a smart girl and she would not have any problem writing her long name. And I am sure, this will be the same with My Girl too.

How did we we get her name?
ATHALIA - a name taken from the Bible. She was a queen of Judah. Her life story is interesting though.

JEZKA - this is a combination of the names of My Girl's daddy and mommy.

KARIELLE - taken from My Girl's mommy's third first name. It means, little

Her Nickname

My Girl's nickname - BABAM - was given to her by my sister (who is also My Girl's pediatrician). She composed that name - short for Baby Amam (nickname of My Girl's mommy) SALE ! SALE !