Friday, February 25, 2011

My Girl Goes to School

June 8, 2011 - At barely 2 years and 5 days old, My Girl went to school for the first time. She was so excited. Mamita was so proud and happy to My Girl go to the school that she helped set-up - the Victoriano D. Tirol Advanced Learning Center.

My Girl easily fit in and felt so at ease with the crayons and blocks

She is the youngest and the smallest in the Toddlers' Class, with 14 other kids.

She didn't cry at school on her first day. And on the second day and on the succeeding days, when it's time for her to go to school, she is always excited.

She loves all the activities in her class. Amazingly at her very young age, she can hold the writing instruments well and properly already.

February 26, 2011 - Until now, My Girl still goes to school regularly and excitedly. Her teacher is also happy that My Girl didn't stop going to school considering that she is still very young. Teacher Nena is so impressed with My Girl's outstanding performances in the class. My Girl even gets perfect scores in test without much effort on her. Everytime she comes home from school, she has STARS.

We are so proud of you My Girl!

Turned Two

Last June 3, 2010, My Girl turned two. It was a very busy day for us and everybody was excited specially My Girl.In the morning, she was already at the venue, as if she was inspecting the things going on. The party's theme was Mickey & Minnie Mouse.

Her Daddy was so busy driving to and from the house to the venue, hauling things for the party. Mommy was not around this time because she was at California, USA then.

While My Girl was at home napping to get ready for the afternoon's party, her Daddy, me, uncles, aunties, and staff were so busy finishing the decoration at the venue. Everybody was happy with the result of the efforts.

The Entrance

The Stage

It was already four o'clock in the afternoon and guests were starting to arrive. Mamita has to hurry and drive home to pick up My Girl at the house.

However, My Girl refused to wear the Minnie Mouse dress Mamita and the other dresses bought from the US for her to wear for the party. My Girl insisted on wearing her Minnie Mouse printed shirt and her red True Religion pants. Well, it was her day so, hew wish was our command.

Friends and family came to the party, which was prepared for 300 adults and 120 kids.

My Girl was looking lonely at the beginning for she might have felt the absence of her Mommy. But later on when the program started and the kids were up and jolly on the stage, My Girl also joined them and had fun.

Daddy was with her all the time though. So busy entertaining the guests and attending to My Girl's needs. Mamita was there too and of course everybody who loves My Girl was there to celebrate with her.

The kids had fun with the games and the many give-aways.


The Cake

Everybody was teary-eyed when they saw the video presentation prepared (and sent through the Internet) by her Mommy. My Girl pointed at the screen and shouted "Mommy!"

We are so thankful to the Lord for My Girl. May the Lord bless her with good health, happiness and always be a blessing to everyone.

Happy 2nd Birthday My Girl! We love you so much! SALE ! SALE !