Thursday, February 5, 2009

Monthly Pictorials

From the first "ma-arte pose" photo which I took when she came out from her mommy's tummy, My Girl has been posing comfortably for pictures. She is just like her mom, who herself loved to pose for pictures when she was a little girl.

My Girl is very lucky to have a Ninong who loves to take pictures of her. Her Ninong Bim owns a photography studio - Exquisite Photography, which is the fast becoming popular choice for weddings and events photo/video coverage service provider here in Tagbilaran City, Bohol.

Bim also took the studio pictures of My Girl's mom when she was 8 months pregnant. The pictures are very pretty too..but they are only for private consumption and not be be shown to others.

Here are My Girl's monthly studio pictorial pictures taken at Exquisite Photography studio....

1st month. My Girl is still a little baby here. Her mommy can still carry her with one arm only.

2nd month. Look at her eyes! At 2 months, My Girl can already lie on her tummy and lift her head very well. Here, she is wearing a Ralph Lauren dress, a gift from her mom's friend. The dress was brought in from the US by ninong Baba Yap.

3rd month. I love this picture. My Girl's eyes are so pretty here. She looks like her mom here.In this picture, My Girl is wearing a Baby Guess top bought by Papa Art.

4th month. My Girl is wearing a GAP onesie here. Look at how expressive her eyes are.

5th month.My Girl at this age can already stand, holding on something. Her first tooth appeared on her 5th month. In here, she is wearing a GAP blouse and a Carter's denim jumper.

6th month. It was almost Christmas day when My Girl had her 6th month pictorials. She is wearing a Just One Year - Carter's santa dress here.

More pictorial photos soon......

My Girl's first 8 months

Time flies so fast.. My Girl just turned 8 months last Feb. 3, 2009. She has changed a lot since birth of course and she can almost walk now. Everyday is a blessing with her around. She makes our world even more wonderful.
At 1 month, she can even barely appreciate her cake.

Her 2nd month cake is too big for her...

Her 3rd month cake is even bigger!

Her Auntie Inkee bought this cake for her for her 4th month..

My Girl wants to have a dip of her 5th month cake!

Maybe she didn't like her 6th month heart-shaped cake.... It's not Goldilocks Mama!

Hmmm. I love this chocolate 7th month cake Mama...

My Girl's daddy sent this very big chocolate cake for her 8th month anniversary. SALE ! SALE !