Saturday, February 6, 2010

Shopping for My Girl

I'm sure I am just a typical normal grandma, who loves to shop for her girl.And I am sure, every grandma will agree with me.

Lately, My Girl's mom has been warning me to slow-down on shopping for My Girl because her closet is already full. Sometimes, I heed to her warning, and sometimes I don't. My own mom and my sister keep on telling me that I am already spoiling My Girl. But I told them that I am not spoiling her because she is not asking for these, I am willingly and lovingly buying all these for her.

One of the latest items I bought for her is this very cute Ralph Lauren outfit which she first wore to the Honoring Party of my father, at the Panglao Island Nature Resort last January 22, 2010.

This brand new RL piece normally costs about more than $50 but I got this at a steal price thru eBay.

My favorite brands for My Girl's clothes are: Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Carter's , Old Navy, Baby Gap, Osh Kosh, Levi's, Baby Guess, Esprit, First Impressions, Ed Hardy, Izod,Roxy and Baby Phat. I buy almost all her clothes on-line through favorite shops online.

Again, my mom and my sister would remind me that I might be doing too much for My Girl for making her get used to wearing all-branded clothes. Well, to my defense, I think I am just teaching My Girl - good taste. haha!

How is shopping done?

I am fond of browsing for baby clothes and when I find a good deal, I pay them using a debit card or through PayPal. I am not afraid of spending too much for I set a budget like, I fund my debit card with the amount I only want to spend.

Once the item has already been paid, it is shipped to an assigned US address. Usually, an earlier arrangement with the person to whom the item will be shipped to has already been set. And this person (who then becomes the courier) is usually a close friend or relative who is coming home to Bohol sooner.

It's always exciting every time a "courier" arrives from the US because for sure there are stuffs for My Girl. One time, a friend from San Francisco, CA brought in 18 pieces of clothes for My Girl (wow exciting). Others came in with 10, 8, 5,3, and so on...

This is just another expression of mine as to how much I love My Girl. I love shopping for her.

I know that many other grandmas out there even shop and spend more than I do for their our girls too.

Happy shopping grandmas!

My Girl in green Izod outfit and in all-pink Ralph Lauren dress and shoes.

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