Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Girl loves bags

I discovered that My Girl got interest in bags when one time we were in the mall and she would grab my purse and carry it like she's a lady already. She was then only 1 year. and 4 mons. old. I find it amusing.

Then, on January, 2010, at my father's farewell party, she was wearing this Hello Kitty bag (which was given to her by her Ninong Ian and Tita Candice) and she carries it with ease and doesn't part with it. She was then 1 year and 7 mons. old.

Since then, I started looking for cute bags in the Internet and found this very cute Louis Vuitton mini sac (the smallest of LV speedy line)and finally was able to purchase one from Japan. Had the bag shipped to Tagbilaran City, Bohol and it arrived on Feb. 17, 2010.

I let My Girl opened the box herself and when she saw what's inside, she said "wow! nice bag!" and since then, she enjoys wearing her LV almost everywhere she goes. A lot of people who sees her walking around wearing her LV bag really get amused of her.One time, My Girl was with me at Ayala Shopping Mall in Cebu and there was this group of ladies at Starbucks who were looking at My Girl from a distance and when My Girl was already near them, they were saying, "oh, how cute the little girl, carrying an real LV".

After her LV, I bought her a Dooney & Bourke, a Juicy Couture and a red Prada. Her favorites are the first two though.

Some would say I am an OA grandma, but I just enjoy watching My Girl appreciate fine things.

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